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Welcome at the Community Participation site

'Community Participation' started in three European countries (Hungary, Estonia & The Netherlands) in 2012. The general aim of our project was to develop new knowledge for professionals about effective components of community support programmes. The focus was to increase empowerment and self-support of persons with psychiatric and other disabilities.

The specific aims of the project were:

  • To develop new knowledge about effective components of community support programmes and professional interventions
  • To transfer this knowledge to professionals of social and mental health services in the three countries, and to teachers from the different universities and professional members of CARe Europe
  • To transfer this knowledge into teaching materials which can be used in bachelor and master programmes at the universities in the different countries.
  • To increase mobility of lecturers, trainers, students and professors across Europe.

Although the project has just finished, we'd still like to welcome you to our website and project to take note of our results.

Just published e-book: ‘Stories of Recovery and Participation: experiences and challenges’

This appealing publication is the result of an international research project that has been finished last year. Among the participators were four universities, several service providers, NGOs and people with psychiatric and learning disabilities from the Netherlands, Hungary and Estonia.
During the project the wishes and needs of persons with psychiatric or learning difficulties with regard to community participation were explored. The local policy regarding the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was also monitored.

The portraits showed are alternated by texts concerning relevant international themes on participation and recovery oriented care. This E-Book has been published in 5 different languages and can be downloaded free here.



    The UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

    Research has been conducted regarding the incorperation of the principles of the convention in national legislation, regulations, policy and where participating countries already comply with the convention.

    Go to 'resources' to download the results in a PDF-file